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Welcome To David's Stir Fry Crazy

Home to soul food. Where every food has been cooked with primarily “THREE INGREDIENTS” in common. A touch of innovation, peppered with lots of passion and a good sprinkle of love. We make your food seemingly home made. We bring in the freshest of ingredients, prep them carefully like you would do at home. Clean & hygienic.


Made From Scratch Daily

We pride ourselves for serving great food, but what makes a good dish, a great one. First step on the way is the freshness of the ingredients. Nothing trumps freshness. So we go extra length to source our ingredients daily.

A Closer Look

Our Signature Dish

The pinnacle of Chinese cooking. Pampered with time, care and effort. This fragrant crispy skin and the succulent herby meat can be rolled into pancakes with plum sauce spread, the shredded scallions and cool cucumbers adds to the taste.


We know how daunting of a task it is to put together a menu that can please each and every one of your guests, or say it is a social or a business gathering and you have more important things to talk about than scouring the menu and figuring it out what to have. So we have come up with this idea of making it easy for you. We take the hard decisions out of your hand and place it on us.

Meticulously thought through by our team of chefs, two different sets of menu that you can choose from, each one distinctively unique but having one thing in common. The diversity, that is in style, texture, method & taste.


Lettuce Wrap Chicken

One of our most popular starters.

crispy chicken shreds, coated with plums & orange marmalade; wrap it into crisp ice-berg lettuce. it just makes a great refreshing appetizer.

Scorpion Prawns

Tantalisingly tasteful. Fresh prawns marinated with spice and herbs, panko coated & deep fried. That’s not all. A touch of signature sauce and topped with crisp potato shreds

Grilled Lemon Grass Satay Chicken w/ Fresh Mango Salad

A Cambodian style marinated chicken on skewers, pan-grilled and served on a bed of fresh mango salad

Take Out

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Check out the menu

Asian Tapas


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