Banquet of the East

Long considered the feasting excesses for the nobles of the imperial China
During the time of  imperial china. Banquet was a mean adopted by emperors to show off their Might and power. It was also a way to settle disputes among clans. 
Banquet use to cover days on end. The average banquet would comprise of 100 to 300 dishes. Needless to say, it has evolved over centuries to a less lavish feasting. It isn't so common in the present era, but we still see them in Chinese marriages occasionally, albeit in a much smaller scale. 
"Our intentions or the purpose of proposing Banquet is more practical. What we do is to help you organize a party of say 10 guests or more. We take away the hassle from your hand and take it into ours

Thought over meticulously by our chefs. They have created a couple of menus that's distinctively different and diverse in taste and textures. This is to ensure that you and your guests enjoy the best of what David's Stir Fry Crazy has to offer."

About David

David has been very active on the food circuit in Bahrain for over three decades. He has acquired his skills primarily from his mother and over years had the privilege of working very close to some inspired Chefs.

Banquet  Menu

Each menu is expertly crafted and thought through to ensure the diversity of flavors and textures. Giving you a culinary adventure you wouldn't want to forget soon

dip 'n sip

Combine your banquet menu with these 'as much as you can drink' beverage choices. The list is pretty elaborate to satisfy the majority of the Guests.

NB: Applicable only when the entire party subscribe to any one of the options         
Regular Spirit (add BD. 12.000 per person. other charges applies)
Famous Grouse
Bacardi Superior
House Vodka
House Gin
Jim Beam
Johnnie Walker (Red Label)
San Miguel (Philippines)
Tsingtao (China)
Drostdy Hof Cape Red (House)
Drostdy Hof Chenin Blanc [House]
Premium Spirit (add BD. 15.000. per person. other charges applies) 
Gordon’s London Dry Gin
Bacardi Superior
Lamb’s Navy Rum
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whisky
Johnnie Walker (Black Label)
Tiger Beer (Singapore)
Heineken (Bottle)
Amstel Light (Bottle)
What is the minimum number required? 
As in the case of Banquet the minimum number required is 10 Guests. Its important to note the entire party has to subscribe to the spirit combo option.
Is the price quoted all inclusive? 
No. There are additional charges of 10% service charge and 10% govt. levy.
At the heart of DSFC's kitchen are three simple principals, that's held very tight. Freshness: we source our ingredients daily and locally to ensure freshness, this in turn produces a  unique taste that you will get accustomed to. Flavors you can never experience it anywhere else. Passion: We really do invest a lot of our passion in what we do. Integrity: No cutting corners. We do it all, with genuine honesty and integrity. We stand for quality and value. and every season or two we will roll out our freshly created menu. So when you visit us you will always be able to find a 'wow' in every dish that we create.