From Hours of discovery to the extraordinary tastes

Our Signature Dishes

Roast Peking Duck (Half/Full)

The pinnacle of Chinese cooking. Pampered with time, care and effort. This fragrant crispy skin and the succulent herby meat can be rolled into pancakes with plum sauce spread, the shredded scallions and cool cucumbers adds to the taste.

Oven Roasted Seafood in Orange Cups

Fresh seafood combined with subtle Asian flavors and scallion, scooped into emptied out orange shells and baked.

Braised Lamb Rack Signature Sauce and Mango Salsa & Mint Sauce

A perfect blend of eastern and western style of cooking. Slow braised lamb rack with lemon grass & herbs blending well with spicy French beans sautéed in XO sauce. The mango salsa and fresh mint sauce adds to the explosion of flavors

Crazy Frogs Legs Platter

A divine delicacy, for the uninitiated it is worth a try. Two distinctive flavours and textures. Finger Licking Good

Tropical Stuffed Squid Salad

Pan grilled caramelized stuffed squid tossed with tangy salad and tropical fruits

Scallop w/ Avocado & Mango Salsa

Pan-Grilled seasoned scallops tossed with Avocado, herbs and spices. Served with tangy mango salsa.

Bean Curd cream w/ Caviar and Tobiko

Home-made re-constituted and seasoned tofu cake topped with caviar and fish roe.

King Crab Salad W/ Spicy Lime Dressing

Seasoned King Crab meat mounted on Leafy salad Greens with a drizzle of toasted sesame seeds and crisp fried garlic chips. The spicy lime dressing makes this a delectable start to any meals

Grilled Beef Tenderloins & Prawns Satay w/ Fresh Pineapple

Cubes of marinated beef tenderloins strung onto wooden skewers alongside fresh whole prawns and fresh pineapple. Glazed with two distinctively different Asian barbeque sauce. Pan-grilled.

King Scallops & Shrimps Windmill Dumplings

A beautiful combination of chopped scallops and seasoned shrimps wrapped in semi translucent wrappers and steamed just right.

Mussels with Citrus Chili Salsa

Lightly steamed mussels, topped with a rich dose of citrus fruit salsa, seasoned with lime and fresh ginger juice & pink peppercorns.

Crazy’s Marinated Short Ribs

Short-ribs bathed in a rich spicy-sour Asian marinade. Grilled and served with nutty pine nut sauce.

Crazy Asian Style Bouillabaisse

A sumptuous seafood stew with an Asian twist. A medley of seafood, from fish and shrimps to mussels and scallops simmered in a broth fortified with herbs & spices.


Delectable Palate Teaser

Imperial crab sticks salad

Seasoned Crabsticks on a bed of delightful Asian salad, drizzled with spiced mayo dressing and toasted sesame

Jelly fish and cucumber relish

A Chinese delicacy, processed jelly fish tossed with cucumber, spices and a generous dash of toasted sesame oil

Grilled Char Siu Chicken Quinoa Salad

A Cantonese styled grilled/baked marinated chicken breast tossed with quinoa and seasoned with Asian herbs, spices and seasoning

Grilled Vietnamese Meatballs Salad

Tender beef marinated with Vietnamese herbs and spices rolled into round meatballs and grilled. Best eaten wrapped into lettuce cups and topped with herbs and roasted peanuts.


A lightly seasoned seaweed salad with a hint of citrus & toasted sesame. Incredibly simple yet irresistibly flavoursome.

Grilled Chili Prawns w/ Fresh Mango Salad

A plethora of taste & smell encompasses this delightfully grilled prawns accompanied by fresh mango salad

Cambodian squid w/Green Mango & Chili Salad

Poached squid, intensely spiced with hot chilies, juice of ginger and garlic, an added flavors of Asian herbs and a good dose of lime juice makes this appetizer “CRAZY GOOD”


Classic Corn Soup w/ Chicken or Crab Meat

Cream of corn cooked in rich chicken broth with chicken bits or crab meat and laced with silky egg.

Hot & Sour Soup

A classic Chinese soup. The name says it all.

Teapot Herbal Soup (Per Pot)

Long regarded for its medicinal properties. A traditional Chinese method of deriving rich fortified soup broth. Bits of chicken packed with herbs and seasoning, packed into teapots and steamed for long duration. The steam literally becomes the soup.

Tangy Spicy Seafood Soup

A creamy, tangy and peppery soup, flavored with soy and a mix of fresh shrimps & crab meat


Vietnamese Beef Pho

The most recognizable Vietnamese dish. Piping hot Beef broth fortified with herbs and spices poured over rice starch noodles and topped with slices of beef and fresh herbs

Steaming Vietnamese Hot Pot (serves 4)

A simmering pot of natural herbs & spices infused beef broth, the D.I.Y. cooking of meat, seafood & vegetables makes a compelling communal eating

Tokyo Ramen (Personal/Large Bowl)

Traditional home-made noodles cooked in an intensely rich fish broth. Shitake mushrooms and leeks adds to the final flavor. Heart-warming!!!!

Traditional Cantonese Wanton Soup

Noodle pastries stuffed packed with seasoned chicken & slow-cooked in a rich chicken broth, with a hint of sesame and spring onion

Prawn Laksa

A popular staple food from the Malay straits and Singapore. Home-made noodles cooked in a rich prawn broth infused with spices, herbs and coconut cream

Small Bites Big Flavors

Lettuce Wraps (beef, duck, chicken)

Choose a filling of citrusy tangy crispy duck or crispy beef or opt for crispy chicken shreds, coated with plums & orange marmalade; it just makes a great refreshing appetizer.

Freddie Prawns/Calamari

Crispy deep fried battered prawns or calamari coated with a thick 3 G sauce (Ginger, garlic & green chili) and soy.

Scorpion Prawns

Tantalisingly tasteful. Fresh prawns marinated with spice and herbs, panko coated & deep fried. That’s not all. A touch of signature sauce and topped with crisp potato shreds

Chinese Spring Rolls

A medley of julienned vegetables, combined with shitake mushroom & glass noodles rolled into handmade pancakes and deep fried.

Crispy Prawn & Crab Fritters

An amazing marriage of crab and whole shrimps seasoned with herbs & spices fried into a delectable fritters, service with coriander lemon dip.

Yaki Gyoza

Crescent shaped dumplings filled with seasoned chicken & shrimps pan-fried to perfection

Grilled Lemon Grass Satay Chicken w/ Fresh Mango Salad

A Cambodian style marinated chicken on skewers, pan-grilled and served on a bed of fresh mango salad

Miso Glazed Salmon Skewer.

Bite sized salmon fillet seasoned with soy and spices. Strung onto wooden skewers glazed with miso and honey, pan grilled.

Vietnamese Crisp Salt & Pepper Squid

Signature Vietnamese dish of light & crisp fried coated squid drizzled with a mix of salt, grounded pepper corn and spice. The hot red chilies, the garlic and coriander rounds up the taste.

Shu Mai

A ubiquitous Cantonese dish of seasoned chicken fillings wrapped in noodle pastries and steamed

Shrimp on Toast

Seasoned shrimps layered over bread pieces, drizzled with sesame seeds then deep fried

Chinese Spring Onion Pancake

Traditional Chinese farmer’s staple while on the fields. Pancakes stuffed with spring onions and sea salt, rolled and pan-fried.

Vietnamese Summer Rolls w/ Grilled Prawn Fillings

Tangy spicy grilled prawns wrapped into soft rice paper with Asian salad and ripe mango bits

Barbequed Spare Ribs

A scrumptious dish of tender barbecued ribs coated with thick Hoisin sauce served on cool cucumber strips

Chili & Pepper Squid

Rice flour and herbs coated squid, crisp fried and wok fried with chilies and toasted pepper with a hint of sweet basil.

Fried Baby Corn w/ Hot Guilian Sauce

Whole baby corn seasoned, dusted with rice flour, deep fried and layered with hot lava Guilian sauce

Kimchi Pancake W/ Vinegar Soy Dipping Sauce

Hand-crafted Asian style pancakes stuffed with kimchi, spices and fresh bean sprouts.

Deep Fried Prawns with Wasabi Mayo

Light and fluffy batter coated prawns, deep fried and coated with wasabi infused mayonnaise.

Szechuan Wantons

Seasoned blend of chicken & shrimps wrapped inside noodle parcels, steamed, drizzled with tongue numbing Szechuan spices and chilly oil.


The Royal Duck

Crispy Duck w/5 spice sauce

Oven roasted crispy duck, cut into bite size pieces and layered with a rich brown sauce made of dried red chilies, garlic and 5 spices

Stewed Duck in Earthen Pot

Singapore style of slow braising in an earthen pot, Bite size pieces of aromatic duck cooked in a rich blend of 5 spices, burnt garlic and shiitake mushroom.

Crispy Duck w/4 season sauce

Fragrant roasted duck layered with a unique blend of spices and plum marmalade

Braised Szechuan Duck in Clay Pot

The fiery concoction of Szechuan spices & sauces is used in this slow braised duck dish, the throw back of an era when food was actually cooked in earthen pot.

The Feathered Kind

General Tso’s Chicken

Named after the 19th century Chinese general from Yunnan, The dish embodies the philosophy of Chinese cooking of varied flavors. Toasted spices, citrus flavors of sun dried orange and the sweetness of caramelized soy.

Stir-Fried Chicken w/Tofu, Snow Peas & Cloud Ear

Thin slices of chicken breast wok-stirred with cubes of fried tofu, snow peas and cloud ear with a hint of soya and oyster sauce

Classic Chicken & Cashew nuts

Simple yet irresistible dish, diced chicken sautéed with cashew nuts, green peas and soya sauce.

Chengdu Chicken (Original or the Singaporean ver.)

Unique to the province of Sichuan, chicken fillets cooked in a medley of spices, hot red chilies, tongue numbing Sichuan pepper corns and chili bean paste. Sounds Hot.

Chi. w/ Bell Pepper & Scallion in Black Bean Sauce

Seasoned cubes of chicken cooked in black bean sauce, garlic, dried red chilies, green peppers & scallion rounds up the taste.

Stir Fried Chicken w/Chilies & Basil

Thin slices of seasoned chicken breast sautéed with red hot chilies & garlic flavoured with sweet Asian basil

Bali Chicken

A Balinese delight. Chicken cooked in an intriguing blend of coconut cream, enriched with hot spices, herbs and macadamia nuts. Fresh green mangoes impart a perfumed aroma to this delectable dish

Hoisin Chicken w/ Bell Peppers & Chili

Chicken sautéed w/ fresh bell pepper, lemon grass, & red hot chilies in a blend of five spices and Hoisin sauce

Chicken w/ Okra

Seasoned chicken breast, sautéed with South East Asian style red spice paste and herbs accompanied with stir-fried okra in oyster sauce.

“Cooking is and will be an extension of your inner self. It reflects the character and passion in you. that's what I wanted  our    cooking to be. To reflect the true nature of your inner self. What we have created are both traditional and contemporary using some of the choicest ingredients sourced globally.  
– Crazy David

The Earthy Kind

Peanut Chili Beef w/ Chinese Greens

Slices of beef sautéed with Asian greens, spicy Sambal and toasted crunchy peanuts

Teppan Yaki Beef Tenderloins

Cubes of juicy tenderloins pan-seared, with drizzle of Teri Yaki sauce & garlic. Served with sautéed bean sprouts, fresh mushroom and green peppers on the side

True Szechuan Beef

Slices of beef cooked in fiery hot sauce of chili bean paste, red chilies, Sichuan pepper corn

Slow-cooked Beef Short ribs in cast-iron pot with crispy leeks

Marinated short ribs gently braised with a unique mix of red dates, red fermented glutinous rice, star anise and spices. Cooked in cast iron pot which in turn imparts an irresistible flavors.

Mongolian Beef

Tender Beef, sautéed with pickled red pepper, ginger, garlic & bamboo shoots in a spicy black bean sauce.

Beef shitake mush, broccoli & y. corn in oyster sc.

Slices of beef, wok seared with shiitake mushroom, young corn & Broccoli in a delectable soy and oyster sauce

Cantonese Beef w/Trio of Peas

Wok fried seasoned beef and trio of peas with a hint of soy and char siu sauce

Korean Barbequed Beef Tenderloins

Cubes of beef tenderloins marinated and pan seared then wok fired with an array of fresh spices and vegetables creates a crazy twist to a classic Korean dish.

Classic Chili Beef

Marinated beef sautéed with fiery fresh green chilies and soy sauce.

Hunan Beef

From the steamy hot region in mountainous southwest China, near Sichuan comes this classic spicy beef dish. Tender beef sautéed with some hot chilies and spices with a hint of rice vinegar and fragrant herbs.


Tree Climbing Squirrel Fish

Whole Hamour deboned, lightly dry coated, crispy fried and topped up with hot Guilian sauce.

Crisp Fried Hamour w/Classical Sweet & Sour Sauce

Whole fish crispy fried and layered with a tangy home style sweet & sour sauce.

Braised Fish in Spicy Szechuan Chili Bean Sauce

Traditional Szechuan home cooking, Crisp fried fish braised in a rich sauce, composed of hot chili bean paste, ginger, garlic and a dash of organic black Chinese vinegar

Kon Pao Fish

Fish fillet stir fried with dried red chilies, ginger garlic and spring onions in tangy spicy sauce. The cashews impart a nutty flavor.

Vietnamese Oven Baked Sea Bass Cooking Time 25 mins

Fresh Sea Bass smothered with all the fragrant herbs & spices, with a hint of Hoisin & Soy, oven baked to perfection

Braised Hamour in Chinese Sauce

A traditional Chinese dish. Whole fish crispy fried and braised in a fragrant sauce of spices, soya and shitake mushroom.

Cantonese Style Steam Hamour

Whole Hamour seasoned with salt, ginger & spring onions, steamed just right and dressed with sesame soya dressing.

Crisp Fried Sea Bass w/ tomato, chili & kaffir lime leaf sauce

The crisp skin and delicately moist flesh of fried sea-bass combines beautifully with a robust and mildly hot tomato sauce.

Fish Green Curry with coconut cream

Cubes of fresh white fish cooked in a thick coconut sauce enriched with herbs & spices

Grilled Teri Yaki Salmon w/Sautéed Enoki Mushroom

Marinated salmon steaks lightly pan-grilled layered with a rich Teri Yaki sauce and garnished with sautéed mushroom.

Home Style Fish Fillet w/Sour Mustard Greens

Fillets of marinated hamour, slow poached in a broth of sour mustard greens and spices. The ultra-hot Szechuan pepper oil and fresh grounded garlic adds to the ultimate flavors.