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From Hours of discovery to the extraordinary tastes



Peking King Prawns

Crisp batter fried prawns, coated with a thick gingered & spiced Sambal sauce

Laotian Steamed/Baked Spicy Aromatic Prawns

Fresh Prawns marinated in hot and fragrant tropical spices and herbs, wrapped into banana leaves and steamed or baked.

Four season prawns

Fresh whole prawns rice flour dusted, crispy fried and coated with a thick spiced up sauce of orange & plums

Five Spice & Chili Prawns w/Fresh Citrus Blend

Fresh Prawns sautéed with a crazy blend of hot spices in addition to the distinctive flavors of five-spices. Combine this with fresh broccoli and citrus makes this dish rather compelling.

Prawns w/Leeks & Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce

Prawns sautéed with leeks & bell peppers, enriched with garlic, chili and black bean paste.

Stir fried prawns w/shiitake mushroom and snow peas

Whole succulent prawns, shiitake mushroom and snow peas wok fried with a hint of garlic and oyster sauce

Tamarind Honey Prawns w/ Fresh Pineapple

The hotness of the spices, the subtle coolness of tamarind, honey and fresh pineapple and the fresh fragrance of herbs, all combines into this unique prawn dish.

True Szechuan Prawns

Fiery hot and tongue numbing spices encompasses the prawns, giving you a true taste of Szechuan style cooking

Balinese Style Prawns (shell on)

Fresh Prawns marinated with rich and intense spices and herbs glazed with sweet soy sauce and sautéed. The lemon grass and the Kaffir lime zest adds to the zing.

Other Treasures of the seas

Crazy’s Twice Cooked Baby Octopus w/ Chili Beans & jalapeno

Sliced baby octopus sautéed with chili beans, a medley of Asian spices and herbs. Accompanied with cloud ear fungus, tender celery stalks and jalapeno.

Singapore Deep Fried Chili Crabs

Fresh Whole crabs cooked in a wonderfully balanced red chili and herb sauce with a dash of egg to round it off

Fresh Crabs in Black Bean Sauce/ Aromatic Sweet Chili Crabs

Fresh crabs cooked in a mild spicy black bean sauce or sautéed in a rich sweet and aromatic chili based sauce, deriving flavors from lemon grass and sweet basil

Indonesian Chili Squid

A fiery hot tangy calamari dish that encompasses all the nature’s diverse taste & aroma

Seared King Scallop w/chili bean paste or lemon & ginger

King Scallops pan seared and topped with hot Szechuan chili bean sauce or a zesty sauce of fresh lemon, ginger and herbs, served with wok fried Asian greens

Stir Fried Scallops w/Chili & Black Beans

A classic Chinese dish of whole scallops sautéed with spices, herbs & young corn. The fermented black beans & soya completes the delicate taste

Malay Sambal Prawns or Squid

Unique to Malaysian style of cooking, prawns or squid cooked in heady mix of hot chilies, herbs and spices, the juice of tamarind and sweet palm sugar just enhances the taste

Szechuan Style Seafood Platter

A medley of fresh seafood, prawns, calamari, crabs & Hamour fillet sautéed with green pepper, hot red chilies & onions with black bean sauce

Fisherman’s Hanging Iron Pot

A simmering mix of scallops, prawns, fish & squid enriched with herbs & spices, Cooked in a cast iron pot with cellophane noodles giving it a unique texture

Clay Pot Prawns/Fish or Mixed S.Food

Seafood cooked in a traditional clay pot with yellow bean sauce, ginger, garlic & green chilies to spice it all up

Vegetable and Tofu

Sichuan-Style Vegetable

Fresh collection of vegetables cooked in herby and spicy chili bean paste

Kon Pao Potato & Cauliflower

Fried potatoes & cauliflower stir fried in a rich tangy sauce of Szechuan chili bean paste, hot spices and cashew nuts

Chili Tofu with Cashews & Fragrant Vegetable

Fried tofu sautéed with in house chili garlic sauce w/ cashews and an abundance of fragrant vegetable & Mushroom

Stir fried tofu, bean sprouts & Asian chives

Fried tofu strips stir fried with crisp bean sprouts and the pungent garlic chives

Wok Seared Chinese Green

Fresh green leafy Asian vegetables flash fried in a wok with burnt garlic & soya

Wok-fried Broccoli w/garlic & ginger shreds

Chunks of broccoli flash fried in a wok with hints of burnt garlic, ginger shreds & soya.

Crispy Eggplant w/scallion & tomatoes

Crisp eggplant cooked in a tastefully tangy sauce made of fresh ripe tomatoes and scallions with a hint of chilies and Szechuan bean paste.

Braised monk vegetable

A seamless marriage of fresh Asian green with blanched tofu sticks & shiitake mushroom, braised in clay pot with a hint of herb and oyster sauce. Opt for mushroom sauce if you prefer vegetarian Flavors

Sizzling Eggplant

Roasted eggplant sautéed with ground shrimps, herbs and spices and our very own seasoning. Placed on hot sizzling iron plates and served

Loofah Gourd stir fried with Kaffir Lime Leaves

Loofah gourd & shitake mushroom wok fried with hot spices & mushroom sauce. The fragrance of kaffir lime leaves gives this vegetable dish a new dimension.

Braised Spinach Bean Curd

Protein enhanced version of homemade Tofu prepared with chopped spinach. Served over sautéed asparagus spears and garnished with honshimeji mushroom and crisp pine nuts.



Vietnamese fried rice

A heady mix of spices and herbs makes this Vietnamese form of fried rice irresistible.

Pineapple fried rice

From the hot tropical south east Asian nation comes this ingenious way of combining rice and fruits.

Fortune Aromatic Rice

A favourite among one ethnic tribe in China. Rice cooked in chicken broth and infused with the fragrance of shitake mushroom, star-anise and a hint of soy.

Classic home style Chinese fried rice

Egg/ Chicken or Meat/ Seafood / Mixed

Fried rice originated from the kitchens of Chinese homes, where left over rice was made palatable by infusing it with various fillings and spices. Over the years it has become synonymous with Chinese cooking


Malaysian Style stir fried noodles with prawns & squid

Chili hot and fragrant noodles stir fried with Asian Greens and bean sprouts

Pan-fried noodles with choice topping.

Meat, chicken or mixed/ seafood/ veg

Threads of noodles slowly pan-fried to crisp exterior and soft succulent interior with equally scrumptious toppings of sautéed diced vegetables and choice fillings.

Singapore style Mee-Hun

Rice noodles stir fried with a mix of julienned vegetables and egg. The mix of filling is your choice

Chow Mein with choice fillings

Veg, meat, chicken or mixed, seafood

Traditionally Chinese, stir fried noodles with vegetables and shiitake mushroom with choice fillings

Zhajiang Mein

Fresh home-made noodles blanched and topped up with a savoury beef sauce. Mildly seasoned and cooked in a jumble of Asian flavors. The cucumber and spring onions completes the flavors.

Teppan Yaki soba

A Japanese take on noodle, cooked with spices, bean sprouts, scallion and other prime vegetables on a searing hot iron plate