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Lettuce Wraps


Choose a filling of citrusy tangy crispy duck or crispy beef or opt for crispy chicken shreds, coated with plums & orange marmalade; it just makes a great refreshing appetizer.

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Roast Duck and Rice Paper Rolls


A True Vietnamese favorite with a little twist. Explosion of flavors guaranteed. Roast Hong Kong Duck wrapped into rice paper with fragrant herbs and spices, tropical lychee and a dab of hoisin and sriracha sauce.

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Scorpion Prawns


Tantalisingly tasteful. Fresh prawns marinated with spice and herbs; panko coated & deep fried. That’s not all. A touch of signature sauce and topped with crisp potato shreds

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Shu Mai


A ubiquitous Cantonese dish of seasoned chicken fillings wrapped in noodle pastries and steamed

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