• Lunch: 12:00pm-03:00pm Dinner: 06:30pm-11:30pm
  • Villa 228 Road 3605, Block 336 Adliya, Bahrain

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Aromatic Sweet Chili Crabs


Fresh crabs powder coated with potato starch, deep fried and sautéed in a rich sweet and aromatic chili-based sauce, deriving flavors from lemon grass and sweet basil

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Authentic Szechuan Poached Beef/Lamb


A truly authentic Sichuan style of cooking. Tender marinated beef poached in a rich broth made up of hot and tongue numbing Sichuan spices, spicy chili bean paste.  The steamed broccoli soothes the palate.

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Bali Chicken (gluten free)


A Balinese delight. Chicken cooked in an intriguing blend of coconut cream, enriched with hot spices, herbs and macadamia nuts. Fresh green mangoes impart a perfumed aroma to this delectable dish

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Balinese Style Prawns


Fresh Prawns marinated with rich and intense spices and herbs glazed with sweet soy sauce and sautéed. The lemon grass and the Kaffir lime zest adds to the zing.

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Braised Monk Vegetable


A seamless marriage of fresh Asian green with blanched tofu sticks & shiitake mushroom, braised in clay pot with a hint of herb and oyster sauce. Opt for mushroom sauce if you prefer vegetarian flavors.

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Chengdu Beef/Lamb


Slices of beef cooked in a fiery hot sauce, made with a good dose of chili bean paste, hot red chilies, Sichuan pepper corn. The leeks and bell peppers gives it a distinctive aroma.

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