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Authentic Szechuan Poached Beef/Lamb


A truly authentic Sichuan style of cooking. Tender marinated beef poached in a rich broth made up of hot and tongue numbing Sichuan spices, spicy chili bean paste.  The steamed broccoli soothes the palate.

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Chengdu Beef/Lamb


Slices of beef cooked in a fiery hot sauce, made with a good dose of chili bean paste, hot red chilies, Sichuan pepper corn. The leeks and bell peppers gives it a distinctive aroma.

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Mongolian Beef/Lamb


Tender marinated Beef or Lamb, sautéed with pickled red pepper, ginger, garlic & bamboo shoots in a spicy black bean sauce.

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Teppan Yaki Beef Tenderloins


Cubes of juicy tenderloins pan-seared, with drizzle of Teri Yaki sauce & garlic. Served with sautéed bean sprouts, fresh mushroom and green peppers on the side

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